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Organization and Goals

The mission of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) NORC is to provide cohesive and efficient support of basic, translational and clinical research programs focused on nutrition, obesity or metabolism at the university and throughout northern California.

This is realized through five key programmatic goals:

  • Maintaining, improving, and promoting the interactions and collaborations of researchers in the field with each other and with those outside the field.
  • Supporting the maintenance and evolution of state-of-the-art research cores to meet the needs of obesity, nutrition, and metabolism research.
  • Facilitating the development of new research directions and the entry of new researchers into the field via Pilot & Feasibility opportunities
  • Enriching the NORC research community through pertinent educational forums and other venues that support the development and maintenance of research interactions
  • Integrating administrative support to ensure that the infrastructure meets the needs of the local obesity, nutrition and metabolism research community

Core Facilities

The UCSF NORC supports the work of three research cores:

Human Metabolism Core

The Human Metabolism Core provides consultation for study design, subject recruitment, and statistical analyses; offers an array of specialized NORC-focused methods, instruments, and facilities for human body composition/metabolism and radiologic imaging; and provides biobehavioral measurements that enables several aspects of research into human nutrition, obesity and metabolism at UCSF.

Mouse Metabolism and Imaging

The Mouse Metabolism and Imaging Core enables similar measurements in body composition and radiologic imaging for small animal models.

Genetics and Genomics

The Genetics and Genomics Core provides an array of sophisticated methods and instruments that enables human genetic and genomics research and the tools to generate genetic models to test hypotheses.

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Christian Vaisse, MD, PhD

Vera M. Long Endowed Chair in Diabetes Research
Professor of Medicine

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Administrative Offices

UCSF Nutrition & Obesity Research Center (NORC)
513 Parnassus Avenue
HSW1111, Box 0540
San Francisco, CA 94143
Tel: (415) 514-3734