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Supporting the Development of New and Innovative Research in Nutrition and Obesity

The Pilot and Feasibility (P and F) program provides modest support for new initiatives and feasibility research studies in high impact areas of nutrition and obesity research. The Pilot and Feasibility studies are intended to provide initial support for new investigators, allow exploration of possible innovative new leads or new directions for established investigators, and stimulate investigators from other areas to lend their expertise to research in nutrition and obesity. The ultimate goal of this program is to help investigators collect preliminary data sufficient enough to support a successful grant application for independent research support from NIH and other national funding agencies.

Projects may be biomedical, epidemiological, clinical or translational as they pertain to the goals of each individual NORC. They may include laboratory or non-laboratory research projects that focus either on human nutrition or on animal work that could be translated to human nutrition. Human nutrition projects may also focus on inpatient or outpatient studies or on epidemiological/community-based research that is social or behavioral in nature.

To learn more about each NORC’s awardees and the projects that are supported by our Centers, please select a name from the list of Centers.