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Organization and Goals

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC) NORC is designed to stimulate growth and development of nutrition and obesity research within the general theme of “nutrition, obesity and metabolic health through the lifespan” with emphasis on mechanisms, prevention, and treatment modalities at each step of the lifespan (see Figure). Our collective research base is related to the metabolic impact of nutrition on health and diseases.

We have developed research teams focusing on:

1. Neuronal and molecular regulation of energy balance and metabolic health
2. Physical activity and energy expenditure
3. Nutrition and metabolic health

In each of these research areas, scientific teams composed of basic, clinical and population investigators will study mechanisms as well as treatment and prevention strategies. Our research base mostly deals with the metabolic consequences of nutrition on health and disease using animal models, molecular tools and translating these discoveries into clinical protocols and interventions.

Thus, our overarching goal is to facilitate both the discovery and clinical application of new and innovative scientific knowledge in nutrition, obesity and metabolic health.


The specific aims of the Pennington/Louisiana NORC are to:

  • Stimulate and support new and innovative research in nutrition and obesity among investigators at Pennington and in Louisiana by enhancing interaction between basic, clinical and public health scientists
  • Provide state-of-the-art and cost-effective scientific cores, which provide services, develop new methods and provide consultation to users, in particular NIDDK-funded project PIs
  • Enhance the translation of discoveries in basic science to human clinical investigation in obesity and nutrition research by incentivizing and fostering cross-talk among disciplines
  • Attract new investigators to the field of nutrition by reaching out to scientists across Louisiana and the country by encouraging and facilitating the use of our NORC resources
  • Provide a Pilot and Feasibility program to expand the sphere of obesity research and metabolic health
  • Foster and enhance the development of junior NORC members (postdocs and junior faculty) as independent and creative investigators via specialized training, mentoring and consultation from cores
  • Coordinate and promote community outreach activities in the greater Baton Rouge, LA area by providing nutrition education, nutrition and health assessments, and nutritional interventions, which promote wellness, improve health and reduce obesity; and to expand those activities state-wide
  • Promote the translation of research findings by promoting more efficient communication among NORC members and those in clinical and health services research

Core Facilities

Human Phenotyping Core

The Human Phenotyping Core provides expertise and measurements for body composition, energy metabolism, insulin sensitivity, energy intake, and physical activity in humans.

Molecular Mechanisms Core

The Molecular Mechanisms Core provides support for classical genomics and epigenetics services and cell culture and bioimaging technologies.

Animal Models and Phenotyping Core

The Animal Models and Phenotyping Core provides state-of-the-art phenotyping assistance for conditional transgenic and knockout animal models.

Contact Us

Leanne Redman, PhD

Associate Executive Director for Scientific Education


Contact Information
Email • Phone: (225) 763-0947



Administrative Offices

Jacqueline Fox, Center Administrator • Phone: (225) 763-2686