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Who We Are

Funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the Nutrition Obesity Research Centers are specifically designed to combat the serious public health problem of obesity and support research that gives us a better understanding about the relationship between health and nutrition.

What We Do

We are a part of a vibrant research community that provides specific services, resources, techniques and expertise which forward the dual causes of improving nutrition and reducing obesity. Our services are designed to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and multidisciplinary nature of the research performed by our users.

How We Support Research

By supporting the development of research, we are able to help new investigators and allow the exploration of possible new directions for established investigators with innovative initiatives and feasibility studies in high impact areas of nutrition and obesity research.

NORCH Annual Pilot & Feasibility Project Symposium

Posted 2 years ago

NORCH Annual Pilot & Feasibility Project Symposium Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard Thursday, October 20, 2022 2pm-4:30pm EST Simches 3.120 NORCH P&F awardees will share exciting new research they are conducting in the fields of nutrition, obesity, and metabolism.