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Assessing the level of physical activity and fitness in the human population

Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Service Description

Standardized graded exercise testing protocols are available to quantify maximal oxygen uptake (VO2), maximal heart rate, pulmonary ventilation (VE), ventilatory equivalents for oxygen (VE/VO2), carbon dioxide (VE/CO2), end-tidal partial pressure of oxygen (PETO2), and carbon dioxide (PETCO2). Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) are obtained using the Borg scale. Services are provided to assess both children and adults

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Leanne Redman, PhD, Core Director

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Service Description

Physical Activity Core

Expertise in exercise testing and training and with resistance and aerobic exercise equipment and guidance concerning ways to measure free-living physical activity among children, adults, obese persons, and other special populations.

  • Aerobic fitness test while measuring heart rate & expired gases (VO2 max test)
  • Arterial elasticity testing
  • Maximal exercise test while measuring heart rate
  • Submaximal or submaximal ease/economy locomotion tests (walking/stair climbing/biking)
  • Strength tests
  • Flexibility tests
  • EMG measurement of ease during standing/economy during walking while carrying
  • Supervised resistance training or aerobic training (each session for one individual)
  • Supervised training for multiple individuals Up to 4 in a group
  • Use of heart rate monitors and accelerometers for up to 4 days (with or without data acquisition)

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Gary R. Hunter, PhD, Core Director
Email • (205) 934-8338

University of Michigan

Service Description

Human Phenotyping Core

The Physical Activity Laboratory is committed to the study of physical activity, fitness and exercise. Our experienced team of exercise physiologists and researchers assists in design and implementation of related assessments and protocols within research projects.

  • Study consultation for grants and other applications
  • Maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max)
  • Strength testing
  • Functional assessment
  • Supervised exercise training
  • Exercise testing in specialized populations
  • Pedometer monitoring
  • Accelerometer rental and monitoring
    • Check-out from the physical activity lab (includes one-month rental)
    • Check-in to physical activity lab (includes data download to accelerometer software and export to excel)
    • Rental for > one-month
  • Additional accelerometry support (in-depth support beyond per session rental and monitoring)
  • Accelerometer data cleaning and analyses

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Human Phenotyping Core • Email

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Service Description

Diet and Physical Activity Assessment Core (CHAI Core: Behavioral Assessment)

Expertise is provided for the incorporation of physical activity assessments into your research grants through the provision of services (e.g., equipment rental, data collection, data reduction, and data analysis) post-award. All physical activity assessments are a turn-key operation where deliverables include data, protocol documentation, and data file descriptions.

  • Consultation and grant development for measurement issues related to physical activity
  • Physical activity measurement
    • Provide accelerometer monitor rental (Actigraph Model 7164)
    • Training for the use of accelerometers and techniques to increase adherence
    • Provide data reduction services for the Actigraph
    • Provide consultation for selection and use of self-report questionnaires and activity diaries
    • Provide services for interview-based assessment of physical activity using self-report/interview instruments
    • Provide data analysis service for accelerometer data

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Kimberly P. Truesdale, PhD, Core Director
Email • Phone: (919) 966-7237