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Richmond, Virginia

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February 10, 2023






Job Description and Eligibility Requirements

The Research Specialist will work with the principal investigator, project coordinator, other research staff, and students to support research activities for projects focused on supporting community participation in individuals with intellectual disabilities. The responsibilities will focus on maintaining and overseeing research projects involved with the Work Together NC and HEELS 2 Participation projects.

The goal of Work Together NC is to increase the capacity of the Triangle and Triad regions in NC to provide, expand, and strengthen transition services and facilitate improved transition activities between schools and their local organizations for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The Research Specialist will assist and maintain databases for contextual landscape analysis projects, including quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. Current projects include a study using a GPS device to track an individual’s activities in the community and time spent away from home for two weeks and then participating in a follow-up interview regarding the meaning and importance of specific locations visited in the community. A survey and follow-up employer needs assessment to identify priorities for employer training to support individuals with intellectual disabilities. Future projects will involve mixed methods approaches, including community conversations, focus groups, and other methods developed using participatory community approaches