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Position Details


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Position Type:

Closing Date:

June 15, 2023




Salary Range:

$195,000 - $230,000

Job Description and Eligibility Requirements

Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a world-renowned academic research institute of Louisiana State University, is seeking an innovative and dynamic Director for the Pennington/Louisiana Nutrition Obesity Research Center (PBRC/LA NORC). The appointment will be at the Full Professor level.

The NORC Director, who is the Program Director/Principal Investigator on the P30 Program and Director of the Administrative Core, must be a scientist with strong leadership abilities providing effective administrative and scientific leadership and who has demonstrated proficiency in managing large, multi-component projects. The Director is responsible for the organization and operation of the NORC and for communication with the NIDDK on scientific and operational matters. NORC Directors are required to attend NORC Director’s meetings every 12 months to be held at a location to be determined by the NIDDK to exchange information, develop trans-NORC programs, and interact with NIDDK senior staff.

The NORC Director must also be willing to collaborate with other NIDDK-funded NORCs. The Center Director must devote a minimum of 2.4 person months to the NORC, and at least 1.2 of those months must be within the Administrative Core to ensure adequate oversight of the NORC.