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Inside the Genomics Core at Pennington Biomedical

September 30, 2014

The Genomics Core Facility seeks to achieve high quality research data production through education of core facility users, optimal use of qPCR and RNA/DNA quality and quantity instrumentation, and quality Sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing, robotics, and microarray services. Take a … Read more

FGF21 is an Endocrine Signal of Protein Restriction

August 14, 2014

Abstract Enhanced fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) production and circulation has been linked to the metabolic adaptation to starvation. We show that circulating FGF21 levels are increased by dietary protein restriction, but not energy restriction, via a mechanism that includes … Read more

IRF4 is a Key Thermogenic Transcriptional Partner of PGC-1a

July 3, 2014

Abstract Brown fat can reduce obesity through the dissipation of calories as heat. Control of thermogenic gene expression occurs via the induction of various coactivators, most notably PGC-1α. In contrast, the transcription factor partner(s) of these cofactors are poorly described. … Read more

Pleiotropic Effects of Cavin-1 Deficiency on Lipid Metabolism

March 21, 2014

Abstract Mice and humans lacking caveolae have numerous pathologies including markedly aberrant fuel metabolism, lipodystrophy, and muscular dystrophy. Characterization of the physiologic/metabolic profile of cavin-1 knock-out mice suggests that dysfunction in fat, muscle, and liver metabolism in cavin-1-null mice causes … Read more