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Virtual Annual Symposium
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Precision Nutrition

Friday, December 10, 2021
9:00AM-12:15PM EST

Plenary Session Moderators:
Andy Greenberg, M.D., Co- PI and Director
Valentina Perissi, Ph.D., Co- PI and Director

9:00-9:10AM Welcome

“A diet personalised to your metabolism”
Dr. Sarah Berry, Ph.D., Reader in Nutritional Sciences, King’s CollegeLondon

“Personalized nutrition based on gut microbiome and clinical data”
Professor Eran Segal, Principal Investigator, Weizmann Institute, Israel

José M. Ordovás, Ph.D., Lead Scientist and Senior Scientist, Nutritionand Genomics Team, JM USDA HNRCA, Professor, Nutrition andGenetics, Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of NutritionScience and Policy at Tufts University

12:10PM Wrap-up

Precision Nutrition Symposium Registration

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