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Deborah Tate wants not only to help people battle obesity but those just trying to stay healthy. She works at the intersection of diet, exercise, research and technology.

Dr. Tate is the Core Director for the UNC NORC’s CHAI Core. She is a cognitive-behavioral psychologist whose primary interests lie in obesity prevention, treatment and behavioral interventions. She has developed and evaluated several of the first randomized trials using the Internet, e-mail and other online technologies to deliver behavioral treatments for obesity. She also continues to conduct a series of studies to determine which features of Internet weight control programs contribute to efficacy.

The video shown above, produced by the American Psychological Association, gives an overview of Dr. Tate’s specific work and interests, some of the research challenges she’s tackling, and the ways she goes about creating treatments, interventions and solutions for people looking to battle obesity or who are just trying to stay healthy.

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