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Mice and humans lacking caveolae have numerous pathologies including markedly aberrant fuel metabolism, lipodystrophy, and muscular dystrophy. Characterization of the physiologic/metabolic profile of cavin-1 knock-out mice suggests that dysfunction in fat, muscle, and liver metabolism in cavin-1-null mice causes a pleiotropic phenotype, one apparently identical to that of humans lacking caveolae in all tissues.


  • Ding SY, Lee MJ, Summer R, Liu L, Fried SK, Pilch PF. Pleiotropic effects of cavin-1 deficiency on lipid metabolism. J Biol Chem. 2014 Mar 21;289(12):8473-83.  PMID: 24509860; PMCID: PMC3961672.

Read More: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Research Details

  • Research Center: Boston
  • Center Contribution: This research benefited from services from the Adipose Tissue Biology and Nutrient Metabolism Core.

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